Bringing birding to your “Homestead”


Homestead Exclusive – Nectar with Vitamins & Minerals

Homestead offers a variety of hummingbird and oriole feeders along with hummingbird and oriole nectars.

Scientists at Cornell University have observed female hummingbirds eating dirt, ashes, and snail shells. These experts have been studying this phenomenon for over a decade and have concluded that hummingbirds have adopted this behavior because of depleted Calcium and vitamin sources. Female hummingbirds need a diet rich in both vitamins and Calcium. Without vitamin D, hummingbirds can’t absorb Calcium. Without Calcium, females produce eggs with thin shells that can’t adequately protect the baby hummer. So we added Calcium and Vitamin D to our food products.

Natural Red Color!

Don’t be afraid to give your hummngbirds red nectar. We have the solution. We have nectar with natural red color – carmine! Now you can have the attractive red color without the worries.

  • Homestead nectar is loaded with calcium which will keep birds nearby, assuring you of non-stop backyard action!
  • Homestead uses natural carmine for red color to ensure a healthy hummingbird population.
  • Homestead nectar products are loaded with vitamins and calcium to provide birds a nutritionally sound diet.
  • Feed your feathered friends responsibly. Feed them Homestead nectars.


Our Feeders!

We have a line of decorative hardened glass hummingbird and oriole feeders, along with plastic hummingbird feeders. We even have a plastic top-load hummingbird feeder for easy cleaning and filling. Our feeders have patented valve technology inside the feeding ports, which is operated by the bird’s beak. Bees and ants cannot penetrate these feeding ports!

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